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Terre Paisible

The home of award-winning wines & oils

Terre Paisible – Peaceful Land – is a special place to be discovered in the heart of the Franschhoek Valley in South Africa. With awe-inspiring views of the Simonsberg mountains - the land here is a source of energy and revitalisation – a place to recharge and re-set, where a sense of abundance and peace envelop you. There is something remarkable which transpires when reconnecting to nature, grounding your energy and quieting the noise. Here, this synergy with nature is captured in everything we do, and everything we grow. It is not something that can be manufactured – but instead it can only be experienced and enjoyed – never recreated or copied.

The combination of our fertile soils and the maturity of our vines and orchards, is a treasure we carefully tend giving us complexity and character that can only be achieved with patience, time and careful tending.

In 2017 the Vigne d’Or virgin harvest of grapes and olives triumphed among the region’s older, more established brands. Similarly – the olive oils harvested and pressed were awarded top honours. A promising sign of the fruitful years still ahead.

A small pocket of our land is dedicated to our lemon orchards. Certified for export with the global Good Agricultural Practices mark, this vividly demonstrates our commitment to good agricultural practices and means our fruit can be enjoyed across the globe.
Of great importance to us is the legacy we are creating at Terre Paisible – for our communities and for the generations to follow. Sustainability is at the heart of all our efforts to ensure that our actions today are contributing to the future.


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